Monday, February 17, 2020

Fuel Filter Facts

Image Fuel Filter Facts

Fuel filters play a critical role in making sure your engine keeps pumping efficiently. Unfortunately, this type of filter is sometimes ignored during routine maintenance. Some drivers may not even realize they have a fuel filter on-board or that it needs to be changed out regularly.

Fuel filters protect an engine’s fuel system by removing contaminants such as rust, dirt and other foreign materials from the fuel. The signs you may need to change a fuel filter include loss of engine power, hesitation and hard starts. Not changing out the filter can cause it to clog and lead to more catastrophic problems, such as having the engine seize or fail.

So how often do these filters need to be replaced?

Recommended fuel filter change intervals range on average from 15,000 to 35,000 miles. A quality Luber-finer® fuel filter can remove fuel contaminants, microbes and excess water. Scheduled maintenance and use of Luber-finer®’s fuel filters are vital to protecting your fuel system and equipment investment.

New Filters Expand Fuel-Filter Coverage
The following filters, which were among our most-requested fuel filters, are now available. You can download the following flyers for more information on performance specs, efficiency comparisons and more.