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Glossary of Terms

Anti-Drain Gasket/Valve (Engine Oil Filters) –
Prevents oil from flowing back out of the oil filter, through the inlet holes, when the engine is shut off.

Axial seal (Air) –
Utilizes a gasket to maintain a seal on the outlet end of the air cleaner housing.

Bottom Assembly –
Assembles tapping plate and bottom ring.

Bottom Ring –
Provides a groove for the sealing gasket and a flange for lockseaming to the filter body.

By-Pass Oil Filter
– Luber-finer® is the inventor of the world’s first and most popular by-pass filter. A by-pass oil filter is an added system designed to be used with a full flow oil filter to remove more and finer contaminant particles, such as dirt and metals, than the full flow filter alone. You can reduce the amount of used oil you generate by using by-pass oil filtration systems to extend oil life in your fleet vehicles.

Capacity –
The amount of contaminant that will be collected on a filter before specified restriction level is reached.

Centertube –
Provides structural support to the center of the media to prevent media collapse.

Measurement of air flow in cubic feet per minute.

Dust Concentration –
Expresses the mass of dust in a specified volume of air.

End Cap / End Disks –
Encloses the filtration media on its ends.

External Gasket –
Creates seal with engine mounting base when installed.

Filter Body / Can –
Outer shell of the filter.

Filter Cartridge –
Assembly consisting of the filter media, end disks/cap, adhesive and centertube.

Inner Liner –
See “Centertube”.

Life –
The amount of time or number of miles the filter was in use before it was removed from service.

Media –
Material that removes contaminants.

One-Stage Air Cleaner –
dust removal system for intake air with a filter element only.

Overall Efficiency (Air) –
The percentage of contaminant removed from intake air.

Pressure drop –
Pressure on the clean side minus pressure on the dirty side.

Primary Air Filter / Outer Element –
element that removes around 99.9% of the air’s dust. The air flows through the primary filter first.

Radial Seal (Air) –
Utilizes urethane end caps to maintain a seal on the inner diameter of the filter and the outside area of the outlet tube.

Relief Valve / By-pass Valve –
Relieves excess differential pressure.

Restriction –
Resistance to flow.

Retainer / Spring –
Exerts pressure on the filter cartridge to the bottom assembly, maintaining an internal seal.

Safety (Secondary) Air Filter / Inner Element –
Optional filter that protects the engine during service of the primary filter and in case of a leak in the primary filter.

Tapping Plate –
Portion of the filter that contains the threads.

Two-Stage Air Cleaner –
dust removal system for intake air with a built-in pre-cleaner and an element.