Heavy duty engines rely on a mixture of air and diesel to generate power. Luber-finer® air filters capture harmful particles that can damage expensive engines. Cleaner air can help increase engine efficiency and lead to greater fleet uptime.

Luber-finer® air filters will:

  • Remove 99.99%** of airborne contaminants
  • Meet form, fit and function characteristics for the application

**Tested per ISO 5011 model LAF1849MXM

Finer-Flow Heavy-Duty Air Filters

Finer-Flow continues Luber-finer’s long-standing tradition of creating innovative filtration technology at our U.S.-based research, development and manufacturing centers. Years of exploring new media designs, materials and chemistry have resulted in a product that outperforms competing air filters and meets or exceeds OE requirements.

Finer Flow Filters will:

  • Trap more dirt with greater capacity*
  • Maximize Performance with Better Air Flow*
  • Protect your engine with Enhanced Efficiency*

* all competitive testing was conducted per ISO 5011