An improperly maintained cooling system can result in costly repairs and downtime. Luber-finer® coolant filters and system solutions help protect your investment. Luber-finer® coolant system products can help reduce fleet costs, downtime and prolong the life of your equipment.

Luber-finer® Heavy Duty Cooling System Products offer:

  • Standard Coolant Filters
  • Chemically Charged Coolant Filters
  • Chemically Charged “Controlled Release Technology” Coolant Filters
  • Supplemental Coolant Additives
  • Laboratory Coolant Analysis

Luber-finer® Heavy Duty Cooling System Products help protect your system against corrosion, build-up of harmful deposits and help balance the pH of your coolant.

Conventional SCA Coolant Filters

Pre-charged with SCA (Supplemental Coolant Additive), these filters protect your engine against harmful corrosion and are designed:

  • For use with conventional coolant
  • For recommended intervals of up to one year, 20,000 miles or 1,000 hours

Luber-finer® 6500 Series SCA Coolant Filters With CRT

Luber-finer® Controlled Release Technology (CRT) SCA Coolant Filters protect fleet cooling systems up to one year, 150,000 miles or 4,000 hours.

Luber-finer® CRT coolant filters feature:

  • Conventional coolant compatibility
  • Specially formulated synthetic media
  • SCA pre-charged CRT
  • Protection against corrosion, cavitation and scale
  • Longer service intervals

Luber-finer® Extended Life XL Series Non-SCA Coolant Filters Are Constructed For:

  • Extended Life Coolant (ELC)
    Luber-finer® recommends changing Extended Service Non-SCA coolant filters every year, 150,000 miles or 4,000 hours. Be sure to service your cooling system according to the coolant manufacturer’s recommendations for testing and treatment.
  • Conventional Coolant
    When using non-ELC, test and treat with Lubercool II SCA to protect your engine from harmful corrosion, cavitation and scale.