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Laboratory Fluid Analysis Programs

Maximum Return On Your Investments


Your fleet represents a large investment, and sometimes the difference between profit and loss depends on keeping operating costs low. With so many indicators, gauges, testing and analysis, things can get overwhelming.

Benefits of an Oil Analysis Program

  • Reduced equipment downtime
  • Increased production
  • Maximize equipment life
  • Decreased maintenance time and cost
  • Avoid catastrophic engine and component failure
  • Increase profits to the bottom line

Luber-finer® Has You Covered!

Luber-finer®, the most trusted name in filtration products, also provides simple to use, cost effective ways to manage your preventive and scheduled maintenance programs such as oil, and coolant analysis. Luber-finer® testing, analysis, treatments and products help you lower your cost per mile and per hour for maximum return on your investments.

Use the data to monitor the wear particles and the viscosity changes, along with soot levels. Monitor all three areas to be effective, to test extended drain intervals and decide which interval is best.