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A Message from Jon Engels

Hey friends, As we transition into fall and prepare for more cool-weather months ahead, we know preventative maintenance will be heavy on the minds of fleet managers. With slow production of new trucks, heavy-duty operators are again anticipating having to spend more on maintenance and repairs. At Luber-finer, we’re committed to helping our customers control […]

Maintenance Tip: Don’t Let Old Man Winter Put the Freeze on Your Diesel Fuel

As the Starks warned in Game of Thrones, “Winter is coming.” For fleets operating in the northern portion of the country especially, now is the time to prepare for the onslaught of high winds, freezing rain, heavy snowfall and dangerously cold temperatures. One of the biggest problems is the ease at which the wax in […]

Luber-finer Hits the Airwaves

Todd Krzycki, Luber-finer’s Director of Heavy-Duty Engineering, was a recent guest on Red Eye Radio, the longest-running nationally syndicated radio program geared toward the trucking industry. You can listen to Todd talk shop about Luber-finer’s unique history, how filters have changed, common maintenance misconceptions and more here:

How to Get the Most Out of Your Air Filter

With maintenance costs and diesel fuel still near record highs, it can be tempting to let vehicles go a little longer between maintenance intervals. But when it comes to engine maintenance, most fleet managers don’t want to take any chances – and for good reason. However, there is a more accurate way to know when […]

Defining Diesel: Clearing Up Convoluted Fuel Terminology

What do the Inuit people and the fuel industry have in common? An inexplicably long list of words to describe one thing. While the Inuit may be in the lead with 50 different words for snow, fuel professionals aren’t that far behind with up to 25 terms to describe the fuel most commonly known as diesel.

A Message from Jonathan Engels

As summer ushers in warmer weather, things are similarly heating up at Luber-finer.

Recently, we added two new learning modules to Luber-finer University, our free online training tool for heavy-duty professionals. Our latest modules cover the growing demand for fleets to supply filtration for last-mile delivery vehicles and the relationship between Urea/Diesel Exhaust Fluid filters and heavy-duty performance.

Video Spotlight: Making the Shift into Last-Mile Delivery Filtration

Luber-finer offers a full line of reliable lube, oil, cabin and fuel filters that provide high cleansing efficiency and capacity to help last-mile vehicles maximize vehicle uptime and reliability, increase fuel efficiency and minimize repairs and downtime

How to Use Extended Drain Intervals to Your Advantage

In the current environment, finding a way to stretch part supplies and avoid unnecessary waste is key. With this in mind, here are a few things fleet owner/operators should ask themselves:

Two New Luber-finer University Modules Launched

Don’t forget to check out two new additions to Luber-finer University, our free online education program for distributors, point-of-sale associates and others who work in the heavy-duty industry.

Enter Your VIN, Find Your Filters With Vindetech®

With all the different makes, models and types of heavy-duty vehicles, finding the correct filter can be anything but easy. Using a Vehicle Identification Number is the most accurate way to ensure you have the right filter for a specific application. Luber-finer’s part search tool utilizes industry-first Vindetech technology to do just that. To start […]

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