Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Video Spotlight: Making the Shift into Last-Mile Delivery Filtration

Image Video Spotlight: Making the Shift into Last-Mile Delivery Filtration

Last-mile delivery, which is the shipment of goods from a retailer’s distribution center to a consumer’s home, is a rapidly expanding service opportunity for fleet operators.

As the last-mile delivery market continues to grow faster than regular freight, more traditional heavy-duty operators are finding themselves in a unique position to answer the demand. The retail industry is attempting to keep up with Amazon by offering increased turnaround times for two-day, one-day and same-day delivery. As a result, some well-known operators are taking steps to outfit their fleets with more light- and medium-duty trucks.

Fleet owners know that the stop-and-go nature of last-mile delivery can be tough on engines and engine oil. To protect these assets, they need quality filtration to limit maintenance costs and keep vehicles in service.

Luber-finer offers a full line of reliable oil, fuel, air and cabin air filters that provide high cleansing efficiency and capacity to help last-mile vehicles maximize vehicle uptime and reliability, increase fuel efficiency and minimize repairs and downtime.

To learn more about Luber-finer’s last-mile filters, watch the video above. You can also visit luberfiner.com/products/last-mile or contact a sales rep in your area.