Monday, February 17, 2020

The New Normal for UREA/DEF Filters

Image The New Normal for UREA/DEF Filters

For one reason or another, not everyone in the trucking industry is fully aware of the importance of UREA/DEF fluid filter replacement (including some mechanics). That’s possibly because these filters are still relatively new and there hasn’t been much education on the subject.

These filters are designed to filter diesel exhaust fluid in order to maintain a properly functioning SCR (selective catalytic reduction) system, in keeping with regulatory standards for emissions control for all heavy-duty truck engines produced after January 1, 2010.

If the DEF is not filtered properly, UREA crystals and other contaminants can cause the SCR system to malfunction. Symptoms of clogged UREA/DEF filters include:
• Power Loss
• Failing Passive & Active Regeneration
• Pungent Diesel Odor
• Increased Fuel Consumption

To prevent these problems from occurring, UREA/DEF filters must be replaced every year or between 120-150,000 miles.

Luber-finer filters are designed to meet OE performance specs for flow rate, filter rating, initial differential pressure, capacity and final filtration efficiency. Download our brochure for more information on Luber-finer’s line of UREA/DEF filters.