Thursday, May 07, 2009

New Corporate Brochure Highlights How Champion Laboratories Remains the Gold Standard in the Filtration Industry

ALBION, IL, May 7, 2009 ­– Champion Laboratories, Inc., the company behind the most trusted brand names in the automotive, fuel-dispensing and heavy-duty filtration industries, continues to demonstrate its hard-earned reputation as a customer-centric company with the release of its new corporate brochure. This 12-page document, which features a tagline of “The Engine Set the World in Motion…We’ve Been There to Keep the Engine Running,” explains how the roots of Champion Laboratories go back more than half a century, to the day in 1955 when Howard Gaither bought Kleen Pak Manufacturing, a one-man filter manufacturer, and teamed it with Champion, a filter assembly company from Connecticut. The rest, as they say, is history.

And that history keeps growing, while leaving noteworthy landmarks along the way. Starting with the spin-on oil filter, Champion Laboratories has continuously delivered 50 years of product innovations and breakthroughs. It has also grown into a family of brands—Champ, Luber-finer®, Kleener and PetroClear—that offers best-in-class filtration, fuel and cooling products for the automotive, trucking, marine, mining, construction, agricultural, fuel-dispensing, and oil-and-gas industries. These companies have gone from designing one revolutionary filter in 1959 to producing more than 2.5 million filters per week.

The brochure describes the seriousness with which Champion Laboratories takes its role as the world’s preeminent filter manufacturer and distributor. This includes a commitment to the global market, product performance that meets the needs of tough-duty operations no matter the industry, respect for the environment, ongoing research and development, and second-to-none customer service.

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Champion Laboratories, Inc., is a quality and technology leader and one of the world’s largest manufacturers of filters and filtration products and related services to the automotive, retail, on-highway and off-highway fleet, heavy-duty and petroleum dispensing industries. Champion Laboratories, Inc., has been a trusted name in filters since 1955, providing high-efficiency performance in the most demanding work environments. For more information on the company or its products, please visit

posted by Averi Goodman