Sales professionals provide the vital components that fleet maintenance managers and parts purchasers need to

keep their fleets moving.It doesn’t get much more important than that!

the previous modulesin luber-finer university...


...offered the in-depth knowledge about heavy duty filtration that every sales professional needs.

If you're interested in learning more about the science behind heavy duty filtration, be sure to check out modules 1-5 once you're done with this one!

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While the heavy duty industry is a mature industry with experienced buyers,being a successful outside sales professional does not depend on age or gender.

it does require:

Person Left
Person Middle
Person Right

whether you’re a:

Counter Salesperson

interested in making the
transition to outside sales

Truck Driver

looking for a career change
within the industry

Warehouse Worker

who wants more direct
interaction with customers


Without it

You could end up like Jerry and do
all the things outside sales professionals shouldn’t do:

Developing YourValue Proposition

Now that you’ve seen what not to do(seriously, do NOT do any of the things in the video you just watched)let’s begin mapping out your road to success in outside sales.

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We'll Start At Square One

This will be the most important sales tool in your arsenal. Why?

Because it’s the No. 1 thing that sets you apart from the competition. Ultimately, your value proposition will determine whether a fleet maintenance manager or parts purchaser chooses you as his or her preferred supplier.

Overall, an effective value proposition involves crafting a different story with a different solution.Your story will be based on the answers to these questions:

What does your company do better than anyone else?

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How does your company solve more problems than your competitors?

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What’s the best way to communicate that value to your prospects?

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For example:

Some of the things that separate Luber-finer
from other heavy duty filter companies are:

OE Badge

A certified OE supplier to major manufacturers

US Badge

U.S.-based manufacturing with strong roots in the aftermarket

Laptop Badge

A commitment to making continuous engineering innovations and advancements in filtration technology by actively exploring new media designs, materials and chemistry

Luber-finer’s digital advatage that includes:

Phone Badge

A mobile app for
Apple iOS and Android devices

Form Badge

Online parts search, VIN lookup
and cross-reference tool

Graduation Badge

And of course,
Luber-finer University

Truck and Paper

Time to get out apen and paper...

Write down a list of your company's unique strengths. What makes your company better than your competitors at solving problems for fleet maintenance managers and parts purchasers?

If you need help, don't forget the flip card questions above!

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Once You Have Nailed DownYour Value Proposition

you’re ready to work on an equally important aspect of your sales approach:the person you see in the mirror every morning.

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the key characteristicsof a successful sales professional

Each outside sales professional brings a slightly different approach and personal flair to his or her craft. Those who are the best at helping fleet maintenance managers and parts purchasers solve their problems all share the same basic attributes.

Top 10

descriptions of a successful outside sales professional:

Now that we’ve discussed the things that will make it a pleasure to do business with you, let’s flip the coin and talk about pain.

the basics ofpain point selling

Pain points don’t refer to physical pain. They are specific problems that fleet maintenance managers and parts purchasers need to solve.

The three basics of pain point selling are:

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Sell to the person, not the organization

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Ask open-ended questions, such as “what takes up most of your time?” and “what bothers your boss the most?”

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Offer solutions that will make their lives easier

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Mentioning key pain points makes it easier for you to:

Build a Rapport

Establish Credibility

Earn Trust

Every prospective customer faces challenges that causes themDIFFERENT LEVELS OF PAIN.

Each level requires a different strategy as you progress through the
buying cycle to arrive at the best solution for your customer.

Level 1technical pain

Level 1 : Technical Pain Icon

Learn about the symptoms of the issue, rather than the issue itself.

Gather background information about the issue.

Identify previous attempts to solve the problem.

Level 2business pain

Level 2 : Business Pain Icon

Discuss the financial costs and other consequences of the unresolved issue.

Understand the negative results of not taking action.

Explain why the solution makes business sense.

Level 3personal pain

Level 2 : Personal Pain Icon

Focus on how personal impact turns a problem into an urgent need.

Understand how the unresolved issue might affect your customer’s job performance.

Explain the negative impact on other stakeholders in the company.


Talking to afleet maintenance manager

David Johnson
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Heavy Duty Trucking




1.) Keep the fleet on the road, whatever it takes
2.) See No. 1


1.) When vehicles break down, the fleet isn’t profitable and the boss lets him know about it
2.) The parts he gets from his current supplier are unreliable, and so is the sales rep


Make David’s life easier with better parts and better service

Outside sales professionals deal directly with fleet maintenance managers. They are the decision-makers for parts purchases in large transportation organizations.

It’s true that building a relationship takes time, but fleet maintenance managers are usually busy and often overwhelmed with responsibilities. That’s where you come in with your best elevator pitch.

In 30 seconds or less...

(or roughly the time it took you to read this section) you have to communicate your value proposition and address the biggest concern of all fleet maintenance mangers:

avoiding downtime at all costs.

The challenges of dealing with fleet maintenance managers don’t end there.
Other obstacles lie ahead, but they’re nothing you can’t handle
if you’re prepared for them.

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common obstacles to a saleand how to overcome them

Nobody ever said outside sales was easy. And if every prospect became a customer,
sales training wouldn’t be necessary.

Dealing with a fleet maintenance manager who is reluctant to switch suppliers is the
biggest challenge outside sales professionals face on a daily basis.

Here are three major obstaclesyou must navigate in order to convince fleet maintenance managers
to switch from their current parts supplier:

Price Objections

All fleet maintenance mangers are interested in getting the most value for their money.

Instead, sell the value you're offering: service, delivery, fill rate, product support, product knowledge and a relationship-based sales model. If price is still an issue, ask to see the competitor's quote and offer to do a price comparison and analysis. This service should also include assessing the pluses and minuses of the customer's current program, identifying maintenance priorities and performance specs, and defining and setting expectations.

Avoid Leading with Price

Quality Concerns

Remember, the fleet maintenance manger's main concern is keeping vehicles on the road. Poor product quality is the biggest reason why a fleet maintenance manager would consider a new parts supplier, but they need to be absolutely sure they will be getting better quality.

Communicating your company's value proposition – either over a period of time or in a 30-second elevator pitch when necessary – will help you address the fleet maintenance manager's primary pain points and instill confidence in the products you sell. Proven performance and OE certification are just two examples of Luber-finer's commitment to quality.

Your Value Proposition

Brand Loyalty

Many fleet maintenance mangers have been dealing with the same company for decades. They don't want time-consuming disruptions in their processes caused by switching sales reps and learning new part numbers.

Offer to assist with the transition to new part numbers, which will also reinforce your commitment to customer service. You can also solidify your company's brand value by showing up with in-house experts, offering free training and facility tours, and presenting competitive data and testimonials from other fleets.

Service, Service and More Service

Conquering these obstacles is important to being a successful outside sales professional in the heavy duty industry, but there’s one more key to being great.

Why Great Sales ProfessionalsLead with Filters

Filters are not the most glamorous or even the most profitable items in the heavy duty parts world. So why are they the first thing successful outside sales professionals offer their customers?

here are three reasons:

here are three reasons:

Every fleet maintenance manager and parts purchaser needs filters. They are a key component to a fleet's uptime and profitability. They also get your customer's attention when you mention the product quality, performance and service levels that a company like Luber-finer provides.


Filters get you
in the door.

Every vehicle in every fleet needs replacement filters at regular intervals. Recurring revenue means recurring commissions.


Filters are a
repetitive sale.

Showing up often to sell filters and talk about filter maintenance, quality and performance can lead to questions about other truck parts the fleet maintenance manager needs. These are your opportunities to cross-sell or upsell hundreds of other higher-margin products such as chemicals, batteries, oil, grease and wiper blades.


Filters are a
conversation starter.

Truck with Boxes
Filter with Copy

Historically, Luber-finer sales numbers reflect a consistent trend that, in our experience, has very few exceptions.Let’s compare the 5-year sales history of two accounts with similar volumes of parts purchases:

Annual parts sales

Graph and Lady

Adding filters to the mix increased overall sales well beyond the filter purchase alone. And while the filter purchase rose slightly 2 years ago and remained static last year, sales of higher-margin items continued to rise at an exponential rate… because the filter sales helped the sales rep identify the opportunity.

Clearly, you should be selling filters as a stepping stone to bigger commissions.But there are a lot of filter brands out there. For your opening salvo, it’s important to choose wisely.

Luber Finer Logo

The Luber-finer Brand Promise for 2018 and beyond
has evolved to its highest level ever.

It’s what gives our sales professionals the advantage they need
to make the most of their training, talents and knowledge.

When it’s time to win new business or lock in an existing account for the long haul,always be sure to communicate the top-level benefits of the Luber-finer Brand Promise:

Luber-finer will be a company with a high order fill rate, with regional warehousing in Albion Illinois, Riverside California, Toronto Canada and Costa Rica adding to our strategic advantage.

Luber-finer sales professionals will develop personal relationships with their customers, understand their needs completely and deliver unmatched responsiveness to those needs.

Luber-finer will provide complete clarity and transparency about our special pricing and rebates so they are easy to understand.

Luber-finer sales professionals will have the company's support in every situation and can rely on expert assistance from colleagues on the sales and engineering teams to solve any customer problem.

Luber-finer will eliminate any perceived risk associated with using non-OE parts by offering a warranty that will fully cover any engine or hydraulic system issues that can be traced to a Luber-finer filter.

The Luber-finer heavy duty organization will be "flat to the top" to ensure everyone is accessible, from the front-line sales professionals to the president of the company.

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