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Luber-finer: Heavy Duty Products

Lube/Oil Filters
Lube/Oil Filters

Today's demanding engines require the most effective oil filtration available. Field tests prove that Luber-finer lube filters provide the best engine protection you can buy.

Real-Time Filtration Solutions That:

  • Reduce Engine Wear
  • Reduce Downtime
  • Reduce Operating Costs

Imperial XL (Extended Life)

Premium quality heavy-duty lube filters. Exceptional filtration for high dust off and on highway applications with extended drain intervals, Imperial XL design features increase capacity and improve performance during low temperature start-ups and full load operations.

Advanced Filter Technology (Ecore)

Spin on oil filter designed to be lighter and easily recycled with as much as 15% increased media capacity.

Fuel/Water Separation Filters
Fuel/Water Separation Filters

The sensible and economic way of fighting water and other contaminants in fuel lines!

Modern engine fuel injection system pressure has increased to the point where even the smallest particles can cause erosion of the injectors. Luber-finer offers an entire product line of fuel filter/water separators and an aftermarket bolt-on fuel coalescer that works with an existing fuel filter.

Research and development of the new "TotalTec" fuel filters show that this line of fuel filters offer an effective, all-in-one filter alternative to the OEM Racor bowl type fuel/water separators.

Introducing TotalTecâ„¢ Heavy Duty Fuel Filters!

The Smart Solution - One Filter Does It All

  • More Efficient Filtration - Durable, leak proof construction reduces risk of failure due to cracks and breakage.
  • Easier Installation - Reduces downtime and the mess associated with changing plastic bowl fuel filters.
  • Less Hassle To Stock - Eliminates the need to order and stock separate filters and plastic bowl add-on components.
Air Filters
Air Filters

Featuring Luber-finer MXM Air Filters for 25-30% more dirt-holding capacity - even in the most extreme operating environments.

Removes 99.9% Of Airborne Contaminants!

  • Reduced Filter Changes
  • Reduced Labor Costs
  • Reduced Downtime
  • Reduced Engine Damage From Over-Servicing

MXM Force Air Filters

  • MicroGold fiber technology – providing an average of 50% more dust holding capacity.
  • More pleats result in longer filter life, maximizing fuel efficiency and significantly improving fuel consumption.
Hydraulic Filters
Hydraulic Filters

Today, most hydraulic systems run at higher pressures and much faster cycle times. This means that control valves and moving parts are running at closer tolerances leaving much more room for system damage.

Luber-finer hydraulic filters ensure reduced system wear and sensitivity which in turn lowers maintenance costs. Luber-finer offers a full-line of hydraulic and transmission filters to maintain stringent system OEM requirements.

  • Built utilizing the latest technology, materials and manufacturing processes.
  • Constructed using only the highest quality components for increased filter integrity, extended filter life and reduced downtime costs, ultimately extending the life of the equipment.
Coolant Filters & System Solutions
Coolant Filters & System Solutions

Luber-finer offers a full line of standard service coolant filters and products to help avoid costly engine failure. Constructed using only the highest quality components for increased filter integrity, extended filter life and reduced downtime costs…ultimately extending the life of the equipment.

Also featuring patented "CRT" Controlled Release Technologyâ„¢, coolant filters for extended service intervals. And Lubercool II Supplemental Coolant Additive protects coolant systems from corrosion and build-up of harmful deposits. Luber-finer on-site coolant analysis tests nitrile levels, ph levels and freeze points.

Coolant Filters, Supplemental Additives and Test Products

  • Standard – SCA Coolant Filters
  • Extended Service "XL" – SCA Coolant Filters
  • Long Life – Non-SCA Coolant Filters
Cabin Air
Cabin Air

You can protect yourself and any passengers in the cab of your truck from dust, smog and pollen, by changing cabin air filters. Cabin air filters from Luber-finer offer superior performance and long life.

A Luber-finer cabin air filter helps trap bacteria, dust, pollen and exhaust gases that come through your truck's ventilation system. Cabin filters are particularly beneficial for people with allergies. Luber-finer cabin air filters should be replaced according to owners' manual guidelines. You may want to change the filters on a seasonal basis because of the pollutants created in different seasons.

Luber-finer Heavy Duty Cabin Air Filters help you breathe clean!

  • Traps Nearly 100% of Harmful Pollutants Before They Reach Your Vehicle's Interior
  • Original Equipment Fit and Quality For Cleaner, Healthier Passenger Cabin Air
  • Provides Cleaner Air To Allergy and Asthma Sufferers.
  • Most Cabin Air Filter Changes Take Less Than 15 Minutes.
Water Pumps

Offering the Best Product Lines... At the Best Prices!

Water Pumps

OEM Quality... at a Better Price!

1. Matched Set Bearings Provide high radial and axial load capacities

2. The Gear Pulley or Hub acts as the pump's connecting source of power

3. Durable Ceramic Seal Faces Withstand increased RPM and higher operating temperatures

4. All New, Cast Iron Housings Guarantee proper press fittings and precision-machined mounting surfaces

5. The Impeller Is engineered and manufactured for optimal coolant flow

All New, "No Core" OEM - Quailty Components for proper fit and long life performance.

Applications Include:

  • 60 Series Detroit Diesel
  • BIG CAM IV and N14 Cummins
  • 3406 B/C/E Caterpillar

100% Factory Tested Assures the highest quality products.